Chennai Corporation starts door-to-door survey in Mylapore

As part of Chennai Corporation’s new plan to contain the spread of Coronavirus, civic workers have started a door-to-door survey in Mylapore.

The survey is carried out to identify persons with symptoms of COVID-19.

Says Chennai Corporation’s zonal health officer (zone 9), “Our workers have started door to door survey in Mylapore. All households in this neighbourhood will be covered in this exercise.”

She says that several Corporation workers including animators, nurses from Urban Primary Health Centres and women from self-help groups have been roped in for the purpose. Each worker would cover 100 door numbers in a span of 3 /4 days.

“The surveyors would get details to identify people with COVID-19 symptoms – cough, fever, breathlessness, and those with travel history. They would also get names of all members in a family and phone number of anyone family member. If anyone is found showing symptoms of the virus, they would immediately be taken to Government hospitals for further treatment.”

After collecting all the basic details, she says there would be a regular follow-up for the next 90 days. “At each household, they would also note if there are pregnant women and people with hypertension, diabetes, and chronic illness.”

The zonal health officer says this exercise will be successful only if residents cooperate with the surveyors and provide all the information they need.

In a separate exercise, the civic body is also carrying out containment activities in San Thome, after a person tested positive for the virus in this area.

In case of any queries, people may contact sanitary inspectors of zone 9 at the below-mentioned numbers.

Lakshmanan – 80723214868.

Muthurathnavel – 8643811462.

Ravishankar – 8939308456.

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