Hamsanadam Music School starts online classes for its students

Hamsanadam Music School run by guru Dr. Shubha Ganesan has now started online classes for its students.

Shubha says, “For the past 15 years we have been conducting online classes for students who stay abroad. After the lockdown, we sent out a message on our group asking parents here if they would be interested in online classes and more than 60 parents signed up on the first day. About 20 of my senior students said they would help out. We have allocated about 5 or 6 students to each senior student.”

She continues, “We decided early on that conferencing on Zoom would not work as it would be very difficult to see if the student is using the correct thalam. So we decided to conduct one on one classes on skype or Whatsapp. For new and junior students classes are held for about 30 to 40 minutes twice a week. For others it goes on for about an hour”.

The school is now in its 25th year. Regular classes are held at Akshara Play School at Arisikaran Street, Mylapore. For details contact 9176197223.

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  1. Dr. Shubha Ganesan is a wonderful teacher, she is truly a boon for my kids, all said and done, being abroad, it is still difficult to prioritize and stay in touch with our culture. Something like music which takes a lot of practice is even harder to do. It is impossible without a great Guru and Smt. Shubha Ganesan is truly one of the best.
    As we all know not all great artists can be great teachers too but we have found both in Smt. Shubha Ganesan.
    Praying the Divya Dhampatis to always continue their Blessings!

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