More families play games on their terraces

Mylaporeans are now making good use of their terraces in times of the lockdown.
Many have been visiting their terraces in the evening often, something they did not do in the past.
Gayathri of Murrays Gate Road in Alwarpet ( near Venus Colony) says they devised games that are suited for the terrace space. ( seen in photo here)
She mails us to say, “Our daily games ¬†activity involves all members of our family. Our recent game was playing Dodge Ball where people have to hit the others below the knee. This makes for good exercise, ¬†brings agility, makes you sweat and brings back child hood memories.”
In Mandavelipakkam, a family which wanted to remain anonymous says that when they spend time in the evenings on the terrace, they see many teens flying kites from terrace tops. “There have not been any problems this far,” the contact said.
Photo: Contributed by Gayathri


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