Mylaporeans donate to morning effort to provide tea to nurses, civic workers and police

The effort to provide tea to some 100 civic workers daily after 7 a.m. in the Mylapore and San Thome areas has brought smiles on the faces of people who work everyday in the area.

People like sweepers, police personnel and nurses and civic staff who are on the roads by 7 a.m. are offered a cup of tea by Baskar Seshadri and a chai-wallah who cycles alongside.

The team of nurses and civic staff who meet daily at Infinity Park in San Thome to carry out the intensive anti-virus campaign that began on Sunday also gets a hot cup of tea.

This reach-out is made possible by donations from well-wishers in Mylapore. You too can donate – sums of Rs.300/500/1000. Contact Baskar at 98410 33888. The daily bill comes to about Rs.1000 now.

Remember all tea shops are shut.