Seniors at Andhra Mahila Sabha’s home assist in mask making

At Andhra Mahila Sabha’s home for seniors at R. A. Puram, the residents have been assisting with mask making.

Natalie Marie Stephens retired as nursing superintendent and matron in 2018 after more than 25 years of service at Andhra Mahila Sabha. She now oversees the nursing duties at the home. She says, “We have made about 50 reusable cloth masks so far and have handed it over to the residents. The material for these masks were provided by the residents themselves. 5 seniors have been helping me”.

The warden at the home, S. Chandrakumari says, “We have about 12 men and 33 women here. We have been taking a lot of precautions to keep the residents safe and healthy. All residents have been asked to use masks at all times. They have been asked to use dettol while bathing and while washing their clothes too. Their rooms are cleaned periodically with Lizol. Soaps have been provided and they have been asked to wash their hands frequently. In addition to that, lifts and door knobs are also clean regularly”.

She continues, “We keep monitoring the residents round the clock. The medical superintendent comes everyday and any health issues are brought to his attention immediately”.