Lockdown a ‘blessing in disguise’ for this young chartered accountant

It is that time of the year when chartered accountants are usually at their busiest. Financial year accounts finalization, auditing, income tax filing and so on. Hence, the lockdown should have made it tough for them to operate.

Surprisingly, for one young CA and tax professional in Mylapore, the lockdown is proving to be a blessing in disguise. 27 year old Vignesh Krishnaswamy says he has become more productive and is enjoying life than ever before.

For starters, he says he has become lot more organised with his life in this three-week period and has instilled in own self a disciplinary routine that had largely evaded him till date in his office based work life.

Some basic but very important aspects of life are back on track in his life – he eats on time every day,  spends quality time on physical training and says he feels good. And he spends time reading books. He has finished three books in three weeks.

 On the work front, Vignesh says that digitalisation has made it easy for professionals like him to collaborate and create a seamless environment.

“With software tools that enable the sharing of screens and provide remote access to a colleague’s system, the work environment seems to have gone on quite smoothly despite the physical ‘distancing’. Clients too have been quite understanding and are now truly valuing our time and effort,” he says.

 As a young professional, he says he used time to explore alternative and innovative ways of doing professional work and it has yielded positive results  “Productivity of each team member has shot up dramatically,” says Vignesh.

Vignesh says that it has been a fortnight of introspection, one that has already helped him explore many other facets of life!!!

More importantly, the family has been happy with better bonding, sharing and caring, says Vignesh.

Vignesh resides at Nagalakshmi Apartments, Ramachandra Road.

  • Report by S. Prabhu
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