Special children of Ekadaksha Trust are being encouraged to learn life skills

At Ekadaksha Learning Center, R. A. Puram, the special children who are at home with their parents are being regularly coached by the 10 teachers and volunteers of the school through Whatsapp and other online applications.

Bindu Haridas, one of the founders of the trust says, “We have 32 children aged 4 to 18 years. It has been a little tough on the children and the parents. We however are doing all that we can to keep them busy. The teachers here are sending them lots of worksheets and materials to work on from home. We are encouraging the parents to chat with each other and also send videos of work being done so that other parents can get inspired too. Tech savy children are being encouraged to complete their work on the computer”.

When asked if the children have a tough time adjusting at school when they get back after a long holiday, Bindu says, “The children who have been with us for a long time actually miss school and are very happy to come back. The new children however take some time to settle in”.

The parents have also been told to involve the children in their household chores, she adds. “Activities like sorting vegetables and drying clothes keeps them occupied and also helps them learn important life skills”.

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