Behaviour of ‘quarantined’ doc who runs Mylapore nursing home bothers residents. They question how ‘home’ can continue functioning.

Sampath Nursing Home in Mylapore is the source of controversy.

The doctor who runs this long-standing place on Nachiappan Street, near Sri Madhava Perumal Street zone has shown virus symptoms ( it is not clear if it is a positive case) and has shifted from his residence on the top floor of the Nursing Home into a block of tiny apartments behind it, said to be also owned by the doctor’s family.

Two issues are bothering local residents here.

One, the fact that the infected doctor, in moving into a different space ( on Nattu Veerachi Street) where some 7/8 families are tenants has potentially exposed them to the virus.

Two, the fact that GCC and govt. staff have only sanitised the block where the doctor is now quarantined and not bothered to sanitise the clinic and have not shown much interest to screen the doctors and nurses here.

“By ignoring the nursing home and since the doctor’s wife/ others continue medical practice, the Nursing Home owners and GCC staff are exposing many people who consult here to the virus. This is dangerous,” said a resident on Nattu Veerachi Street, where the doctor is now self-quarantined.

Tenants in the block where the doctor is quarantined are upset and frustrated. They say a group of six odd men who work in a restaurant reside yards across the doctor’s door. “What happens if one of the boys contracts the illness? It will spread to restaurant clients?”

They even had arguments with the GCC officials who refused to listen to their side of the story. Said a resident, “A senior GCC engineer told us – you take care of yourselves and all will be well. The doctor has quarantined.”

Residents wonder how Sampath Nursing Home has been allowed to function now. “The Home keeps its main doors but we have seen patients go in and out today,” a resident in this zone says.

Mylapore Times got alerted to this case yesterday ( Monday). Mylapore Times staff visited the place, saw the Home was open but had only a medical staff at the inner room who did not talk. Later, MT made a call to the Home’s landline and did not get a response.

Mylapore Times is trying to access the doctor’s cellphone and get his side of the story. It is also trying to talk to the senior AE of GCC.


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