Owner of this ladies salon says she is ready to reopen: has bought new accessories for protection

K. Mahalakshmi, the owner of Maha Elegance and Styling Salon for Women at Venkatesa Agraharam Road, Mylapore has been in the business since 1989. She says the lockdown did result in losses but they are ready to reopen now.

She says, “We have about 75 staff on our rolls and for the month of March I paid their salaries in full and have paid half of their salaries for the month of April. We run three hostels and we have been providing food to the staff there in addition to paying rent too.

“We have had to pay interest on bank loans and electricity bills too without any income. Several of the products that we had purchased had to be thrown away as they had expired. But despite these losses, we are ready to get back to work”.

She says, “We have hygiene kits for customers in addition to gloves, caps, shoe covers and plastic shields for the staff to wear. Each customer will be given masks, sanitizers and their own disposable towels and aprons to wear too. New hair and face products have been purchased and have been stocked.

“All the equipment will be sterilized frequently and we will disinfect the premises often. We will follow social distancing norms as prescribed by the government”.

She adds, “The staff too have been given training on how to properly dispose the gloves, masks and other items used. They have been taught to disinfect the premises too”.

For details contact her 9962587537 or email the salon at mahasmylapore@gmail.com.

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