Schools get ready to conduct Class X exams from June 1

Ever since the announcement was made by the school education minister K. A. Sengottiyan last week that the class X TN state board exams would be conducted during the first and second week of June, schools in the neighbourhood have been contacting their students and planning meetings with teachers.

The principal of P. S. Matriculation School, Mylapore, S. Bhooma says, “81 students will be taking the exam this year. We have been told that the students can take the exams in their own schools. The government has asked us for details regarding number of students, number of them in Chennai and availibility of teachers. We have answered all their queries, they have also said that they will arrange for e-passes if necessary for teachers or students”.

R. M. Karpagambal, the headmistress of Children’s Garden School, Mylapore says “162 students will be attending the exam this year. We have been asked to submit details of how many children will be coming from each zone (red, green and orange) and their mode of transport. We have received a circular on the seating arrangement. There will be only 10 students in each room with a teacher to supervise them. We can comfortably seat all the students in our classrooms”.

Rubi Puthotta, the principal of Lady’s Sivaswami School, Mylapore, says, “141 girls from our school will be taking the exams this year. We have been asked to submit the list of students in other districts and states by tomorrow and so we have asked a few teachers to come to school in the morning to complete that work. The class teachers also have been trying to get in touch with the students to find out where they are and how they plan to get here”.