Post office parcel delivery delayed due to lock down

Due to lockdown, delivery of parcels from post offices is getting delayed.

Though delivery of posts continues to happen on time within the city, delivery outside the city is taking a long time.

Says a staff attached to Mylapore Head Post Office, Kutchery Road, “Parcel delivery outside the city is getting delayed as there are limited train, bus and flight services to ferry them to the destination location. In addition, due to lockdown, the parcel train does not run frequently. Hence, we cannot assure when parcels would reach the destination,” he says.

The delayed delivery is common for posts and letters as well.

“A speed post which normally takes 2 days to reach the destination, is now taking more than this designated time to reach the other end, he adds.

However, within the city, he says parcel reaches on time via the mail van.

The situation is the same at other neighbourhood post offices too.

Says postmaster of Teymanpet Sub post-office at T.T.K Road, Alwarpet, “Parcel delivery is getting delayed even within Tamil Nadu due to limited transport facilities during this lockdown. Recently, it took 7 days for a parcel to reach Madurai, ” she says.

“Nowadays, we are booking parcels only after informing customers regarding the delay in delivery,” she says.