Chennai Corporation staff are increasingly affected by the virus; Some civic workers say inefficient protective gear is causing virus spread

Since the past few days, Chennai Corporation staff are increasingly affected by the virus.

In the past few days, a Corporation’s staff working in Mylapore says at least 4 civic workers have tested virus-positive.

Also, in mid-May, an entire family of a Corporation’s revenue officer at that Rosary Church Street turned virus-positive, after he tested virus-positive.

Now, a few civic workers say this is happening due to the inefficient protective gear (masks/gloves) provided to them.

Says a civic worker, “Our work involves supervising volunteers who support home quarantined persons with essentials, working with the police to prevent virus-positive persons from venturing out, providing awareness to virus-positive persons and monitoring the migrant workers sheltered at the community halls.”

“However, we are not provided with efficient masks/gloves to protect ourselves. As a result, a number of our staff and their families are getting affected,” he says.

He says they are provided with only one reusable cloth mask. “And that mask gives away soon. Also, instead of providing use and throw gloves, they are giving us woollen gloves.”

He also says the protective gears are not adequate and are provided only after repeated requests. “Every time, we need a new mask/gloves, we have to keep on asking our higher authorities to get them.”

Says an animator attached to a local ward, “All staff have been given just one cloth mask. We wash and reuse it daily. Surgical masks were provided 4 to 5 times since the lockdown began. It will be good if we get protective gear daily.”

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