People crowd at roadside fish markets on Marina Loop Road, Foreshore Estate

You cannot keep the seafood foodies away from the Marina markets. And so, there were large crowds at the fish hawker stalls on Marina Loop Road off the Light House and also at the stalls in the Foreshore Estate zone this Sunday.

Since 6.30am, people crowded around the dozens of stalls here and shopping became hectic after 8 a.m. Though people wore masks they did not keep a distance.

Fishing season began on June 1 and the men with bigger vessels stay at sea for a couple of days for decent catches.

The market here is a popular one. Hawkers say they must earn their bread and butter and cannot stay home.

One Comment on “People crowd at roadside fish markets on Marina Loop Road, Foreshore Estate”

  1. Hi,

    Do we hear of the phrase new normal?
    It means that we had brough some changes in our lives and living and now it should persist. The new norm has to be a regular behaviour!

    By the way the virus started in wet meat market in Wuhan , China! It sold all wet meat of creatures slaughtered and also sea food!!
    AS the virus raged this market was shut.
    there was dramatic decrease in cases. China lifted lockdown and opened. Wet markets also opened….and china again had numbers soaring!
    Whats easily understood was not reported as news.

    Can our glorious , ever successful and smart politicians try the model of banning wet meats across Mylapore for at least a month and see the result??

    If people still want to eat wet meats in name of it cooked well and its safe. Lets not make the soaring cases an issue!

    If money matters.. well!! Lets all wait for being numbered..whichever way you take it!!

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