Volunteers at Banyan shelter live with memories of their lost pet dog

“With Appu no longer around, we live with all the happy memories it gave us.,” says Adarsh, the coordinator of the Banyan Shelter in San Thome, referring to their 8-year-old pet dog, who went missing a few weeks ago.

The shelter that houses mentally challenged men has been taking care of the dog for the past 5 years.

Says Adarsh, “Appu was very dear to all of us, especially to the inmates of our shelter. It never barks and is very friendly to even strangers. He was the security guard for our shelter at night.”

However, Banyan lost the dog in early May soon after the shelter was temporarily shifted to a Chennai Corporation school in Mandaveli.

Since then, the volunteers of the shelter have been doing all they can to find Appu.

Immediately, after the dog went missing, Banyan put out a note on Facebook, seeking help to find the dog.

Says Harilal, the manager at the shelter, “Our volunteers split into three teams and went looking for Appu from Adyar to Parrys. We also made rounds at Dooming Kuppam, where we were previously located.”

Harilal says they also pasted Appu’s missing note on roadside walls in San Thome.

“We also visited the neighbouring houses in Dooming lane and informed the residents to alert us if Appu comes to the shelter. But all our attempts went in vain.”

Now, even after multiple failed attempts, the shelter continues to look for Appu. “We still go out looking for him, whenever we can. But we have our limitations due to lockdown restrictions,” Harilal says.

The shelter volunteers say the dog responds to the name ‘Appu’. The male dog wears a black collar. Mylaporeans who find the dog may contact the shelter at 9884160884/9840964352.

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