Civic workers, mostly women clean roads at night but they can do with a cup of tea. Your donation helps.

Remember this. Even in these times, there are people who work for the city and for you and me. Take the civic workers on contract who toil through the midnight hour to keep the city clean, all its main roads and key streets.

Community activist Baskar Seshadri of Mylapore says he observed one such group of some 40 workers, mostly women who report for work at a GCC school campus near All India Radio campus on Kamaraj Salai, off the Marina.

They report before 9 p.m.and work is over by 2 a.m.

Many are from north Chennai and find their own transport that costs a bit. They pay from their pocket for this.

Baskar found that these workers don’t have a facility to pick up a snack or have a cup of tea; so with local donors and volunteers he has begun to support this group.

If you wish to support this community support act, call Baskar at 9841033888.

Photo: Baskar Seshadri

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