Monks of Sri Ramakrishna Math hope to re-open free dispensary

The free dispensary at Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore closed down in mid June due to lack of volunteers. While the dispensary continues to send medicines to those who need them, talks are on to find out when the dispensary can be opened up to the public.

Swami Naravarananda, the PRO of the Math says, “Our dispensary for decades has always depended on the service of the volunteers. Most of them have not been able to come all these days due to the intense lockdown. But now that the roads have opened up, we want to continue providing this service to the underprivileged and we are waiting for government permission to continue the same”.

He continues, “Swami Vimurtanandaji and Swami Dharmistanandaji, the manager of the dispensary, have been in a meeting with the officials at the TN Secretariat. We are hoping to hear some good news from them soon”.