Rani Meyammai Girls School in a quandary

With schools and colleges shut all over the state and no information about admissions into colleges, schools are not really sure what to do.

The principal of Rani Meyammai Girls School, R. A. Puram, V. Amudha says, “The class XII results will be announced on July 6. Usually by this time, several colleges would have started issuing their application forms and students will be required to submit it after the results come out. But now since all the colleges are closed, we don’t know when the forms will be issued and when the admission process will begin”.

At her school, she says the process for admission into class XI and other classes has been put on hold too. She says, “We haven’t received any information from the government on when to issue application forms for class XI. Usually students are required to be physically present before the admission process is finalized. We cannot do that this year due to the pandemic. We are waiting for instructions on how to proceed regarding this”.