When schools are reopened, social distancing and mask wearing should be followed, says Alwarpet based paediatrician

While infections among children are less, several other issues are affecting children nowadays, says Dr. Benny Benjamin, an Alwarpet based paediatrician.

He says, “There have been certain advantages to the lockdown. Number of children with coughs and colds has come down. Stomach infections are down too. With less traffic on the road, it has been a big relief for children who struggle with wheezing and other breathing difficulties. That being said, it has to be noted that children and parents are getting frustrated with the situation. Behaviour issues are cropping up, there is also an increased incidence of hyperventilation among children”.

Body aches due to improper posture, headaches and eye issues due to too much screen time are also some of the issues children are facing nowadays, he says.

A major advantage of reopening schools would be lesser screen time. Children also get a lot more exercise at school. But he says steps must be taken to ensure that social distancing norms are followed and masks are worn. Adequate spaces for sanitizing hands must be provided by the school.