20 people take part in Avani Avittam ceremony held at Kalyana Nagar Association

Twenty people changed their sacred thread (poonal) at the avani avittam celebrations held at Kalyana Nagar Association, Mandavelipakkam today morning (Aug 3).

The secretary of the association T. R. Prakash says, “Though we were initially allowed to conduct the ceremony for 50 people, police officials informed us yesterday that we had to reduce that number to 20. The ceremony was held in the 2nd floor of our hall at West Circular Road. All the participants followed social distancing and wore masks”.

The people who participated were asked to bring their pooja utensils only. All other pooja items, including the sacred thread, were provided by the association. The ceremony was webcast live via Zoom.

50 people logged in from their homes to participate in the event, says Prakash.

The association contact – 24952997.