Another quiet ‘total’ lockdown Sunday

August 9. Yet another Total Lockdown Sunday. And it was indeed a total lockdown across the neighbourhood.

From dawn to dusk and beyond, there were hardly people on the roads and streets. No sign of bikes or cars with police issuing stern warnings of severe action against the violators.

Be it San Thome High Road or Boat Club Road, the roads inside CIT Colony or in Mandavelipakkam, they were all without any vehicular movement. Sunday morning was simply quiet and people kept indoors.

Even the police outposts at key road junctions had little work to do since traffic was almost nil on the main roads.

Later in the evening, in some inner streets local youths came out to play gully cricket or catch up with friends; to get some fresh air and loosen up.

But some people continue to ask if such weekly lockdowns really help in addressing the Covid condition.

  • Photo used here if of Dr. D G S Dinakaran Road in R A Puram zone.