Harvesting rain for Chitrakulam: work on in Solayappan Street and around.

The rainwater harvesting project focussed on the Chitrakulam extends to a few streets in this area.

At present, one can witness civic work being undertaken in Solayappan Street and in Abraham Street in this zone.

For over a week now, a JCB has been excavating the ground on Solayappan Street so that workers can lay water-carrying pipes here. These will be linked up to pipes that lead into the Chitrakulam tank.

Similarly, work is on in Abraham Street – but here, since the street gets narrow at one end, the JCB could not be used effectively so the men got to work to dig and lay pipes. These pipes will also be linked up.

The idea is to tap all the rainwater that falls on these inner streets (located close to the tank zone) into chambers linked to these pipes that are being laid now and hopefully, all this water will run into the Chitrakulam.

Read an earlier report on the Chitrakulam projecthttps://www.mylaporetimes.com/2020/08/civic-work-going-on-around-chitrakulam-project-is-to-tap-rainwater-and-channel-it-into-tank/

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