Copious, steady flow of rainwater into tank of Sri Kapali Temple

A few alarms went off across the city following heavy and steady rains since Thursday night and flooding on many streets.

But there was one positive development in the Mylapore area – a steady torrent of rainwater flowing into the tank of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.

The water was flowing in from the outlet on the far, western end of the south side of the tank ( opposite Sangeetha restaurant). Water from South Mada Street and from R K Mutt Road flowing into the channel that leads to the tank flowed in all through the morning.

The same was the case of rainwater flowing off the East Tank Street, the street that runs parallel to the eastern side of the tank. This street was recently relaid to allow water to flow towards the tank side and into newly set up chambers and pipelines.

If the monsoon is steady and good, there is bound to be a large quantity of water in this tank.

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