Water stagnation not seen in many colonies following Saturday rain

The Mylapore area got a good shower today, October 24 following the steady rain. And going by what we observed in some areas which we visited after the rain, it was evident that while rain water stagnation is not taking place on the main and busy roads and wide streets, stagnation does take place in inner streets.

For example, while most streets in Jeth Nagar, off St Mary’s Road were without much water save for water swathes in some corners, the same was the case on Warren Road.

However, in corners of V. C. Garden Street zone, rainwater was seen stagnating in the junction corners well after the rain had stopped. ( Photo featured here is of the V C Garden area)

Residents in Alwarpet and in R. A. Puram said that they did not sight water stagnation in any of the local main streets or roads.

This must be due to the recent action taken by civic workers to clear the drains of muck and debris.

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