Ayudha pooja sales are dull, say hawkers at South Mada Street vegetable market

After neatly stacking apples, bananas, coconuts, sacks of puffed rice and other essentials for Ayudha pooja sales, a hawker at the vegetable market in South Mada Street, Mylapore patiently waits for customers to buy stuff from her.

This was the scene here on Friday prior to Ayudha pooja, that falls this weekend.

“Sales are dull this year due to the situation caused by the pandemic,” says Amrutha, the hawker.

“We procured only limited stocks for sales, this year. However, we are unsure if even that would sell.”

Every year, around this time, the market would be buzzing with scores of customers thronging here to buy items required for the pooja. But it is not the same this year. “Hardly one or two are making purchases,” she says.

Says another hawker, who sells fruits, “During every Ayudha pooja, I used to sell 30 boxes of apples. This time, I have purchased only 3 boxes of the fruit. But that is also not getting sold.”