Vedanta Desikar Devasthanam opens ‘Apara Karyam’ facility in Mylapore

The Vedanta Desikar Devasthanam has launched an ‘Apara Karyam’ facility on Venkatesa Agraharam Street.

‘Sri Venkatesa Theertham’ was launched on Friday, Dec.11 with the blessings from his Holiness the 46th Azhagiya Singar of the Ahobila Mutt.

The facility has multiple rooms and all the rituals  for those who have passed away can be performed at this place.

There are certain rituals to be performed soon after the death of a person and this goes on till the 13th day. These rituals are referred to as Apara Karyam. These are done to ensure that the departed soul finds peace and reaches the abode.

The set of rituals include Karyam, Homam and Dhaanam. On the 12th day after the death, Sapandi Karanam is performed and the 13th day is the day for Shubha Sweekaaram, which denotes the welcoming back of all the good things in one’s life after the 12-day mourning – the return to normalcy.

While there were Apara Karyam facilities available in Thiruvallikeni, Besant Nagar and other locations in the city, it has been a long felt need to have a spacious one in Mylapore.

  • Report by S. Prabhu



For details, call: 24953799

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  1. Is only brahmins are hindus? Non Brahmins are not allowed for doing kariyam there. There is no such other facility available in mylapore for doing kariyam for Non Brahmins.

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