New book from education consultant Sudha Mahesh

Academic adviser and education consultant Sudha Mahesh, a resident of MRC Nagar has recently published her second book called ‘ A 360 degree – Amplify the Cause and Effect’.

It is self-published through Notion Press.

Says Sudha, “The purpose of a school is to go beyond just academic excellence. The content has come from my own experiences and observations as a teacher and academician.”

The focus is on educational leadership and school management touching on student life experiences and with the objectives of creating a great learning environment for students in schools.

In 2018, Sudha published her first book for the teaching community.

The new book is available on Notion-press publication  online store, and on and on Flipkart too. Soon it will also be as e book and audio book on Google Play.

Sudha’s contact –

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  1. A great perspective and visionary approach h. At 360° Learning, a DK Venture, we are doing a fair amount of R & D to bridge gaps.

    More educators like Mrs Sudha Mahesh need to take this visionary stand.



    For Team 360° Learning.

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