Teppam fest: some people unhappy that people asked to keep off tank

A number of Mylaporeans are not pleased with the decision of the HR&CE Dept. to keep out people from the tank of Sri Kapali Temple during the three-day teppam festival.

They expressed their thoughts on social media, saying that people could be allowed in after following all precautions since the temple now allows people to visit the place and also be present at key religious functions.

Says G. Sivakumar, ” This is a nonsense decision by the authorities…..In Chidambaram, Sri Rangam urchachavam including the car festival is allowed but not the car festival at Sri Kapali Temple….we need have an able temple authority to represent us.”

Adds Vickey, ‘This is the worst decision made by management – why were people allowed in huge numbers on New Year’s and on Pongal days with special entrance ticket charged?”

He continues, “Today we saw huge numbers of people gathered in the Marina for Amma’s event. ¬†Thaipoosam is also declared as state public holiday, the temple allow the public inside the tank.”
Ilavarasi Kathiravan said on Mylapore Times’ FB page, “Cannot be agreed to (the temple’s decision…)”

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