Panguni Fest 2021: Adhikara Nandi procession draws hundreds

Adhikara Nandi 2021

Sunday was the 3rd day of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple Panguni Utsavam and lord Kapaleeswarar came in Adhikara Nandi vahanam. We were at the temple entrance by 5.50am, as at 6 am, we witnessed the gopura vasal karpoora arthi was there for the lord.

The silver-plated Nandi sparkled with the sun rays falling on the Nandi, with Kapaleeswarar sitting majestically on top of Nandi and the devotees lifting Him and dancing to beautiful songs played alongside – this was a true spectacle to watch.

Following Lord Kapaleeswarar, was goddess Karpagambal and lord Subramania who came in Kandaruvan and Kandaruvi vahanam, lord Ganesha came in the mooshika vahanam and Chandikeshwarar in Rishaba vahanam.

This is one of the special days in the 10-day long annual festival. And there were hundreds of people who valued the opportunity to be present here.

– Report by Gopal, who is here from Doha to be at the festival.


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