This colony off Dr. R. K. Salai joined hands with NGOs to get seniors vaccinated

Here is one positive example of how a community has helped its seniors get the vaccine in a planned manner.
GRN Jeevan Bheema Enclave in Rajasekaran Street ( opp. CSI Kalyani Hosptal) and is home to a number of residents above 60 years of age.
With many of them staying alone, it was a challenge to get all the people for the jab at a nearby hospital.
One of the enclave’s association members then partnered with an organization, called Helpee, who partnered with another NGO and addressed the need.
Checking with a hospital closeby and making appointment slots for the seniors, arranging transportation, taking the elders in batches – Helpee team members did everything required to get all the elders in this enclave safely vaccinated.
Helpee ( offers all nature of service required for the elderly.
– Report by Subha Dilip
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