The day of big fish catch off the Marina

On and off, fisherfolk net a bonanza.

Fisherman Madhan who lives in one of the kuppams off Marina Loop Road got one this week. As did two others.

They netted a thirukkai, a large form of sting ray.
Madhan’s catch weighed about 68 kilos and was some 3 feet long. He called up his contacts in the wholesale fish business, negotiated the sale price, loaded the fish in an auto and sent it off.
“We had to sweat it to lift the meen and put it in the auto. It was so heavy,” Madhan said later.
The past few weeks, fishermen have been catching kalavai most nights and this variety doesn’t command much at fish auctions and is sold at local markets. 
It does make for a good fish curry, says a hawker of Nochikuppam.
– Report by Kavitha Benni, trainee reporter

One Comment on “The day of big fish catch off the Marina”

  1. Kindly do not publish cheap talks of fishermen which look so skewed towards cruel and selfish attitudes.
    These talks reflect lack of awareness or literacy.
    Would you publish it if someone says they murdered a person and got the body hauled and thrown in front of running train…that the guy killed was heavy and hauling was a sweaty affair??
    This articles looks like the act and talks of such cheap vitory is hailed and encouraged.

    Wow. Journalism is bending too low these days!!

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