Theatreperson-humorist Bosskey’s experience at vaccine centre in Alwarpet. Positive story.

It has been a busy few days at the GCC-run Vaccination Clinic on C. P. Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet.
On Sunday morning, the centre had run out of stock and visitors were asked to return on Monday.
By 9.30am on Monday, the tokens had already been handed out to the extent of the stock available
and those that reached after 9.30am had to return disappointed.
Popular theatre personality Bosskey has been in and out of the clinic over the last couple of days
helping his relatives get their second jab. He said he had come on Monday but had to go back as the clinic had run out of stock.
On Tuesday morning, he brought his brother in law and famed cartoonist Madan and his relatives for their second jab.
The clinic was already crowded by 8am. An hour later, it was packed with visitors waiting right till the gate.
Service personnel were at the gate instructing those that came after 9am on the modalities to get the vaccination.
Bosskey told Mylapore Times, “When Madan and his relatives came in for their first shot just under a month back, it was a relaxed scenario. But now there is a panic kind of scenario setting in with people rushing for their second shot. There is definitely pressure on the staff here given the ever increasing crowd and it is a big challenge to meet the expectations of the people. “
“I came in the morning to pick up the token. They asked us to come after one hour. And then it was over in about 15minutes. They did a great job, ” added Bosskey.
– Report. by S. Prabhu