Creative Work of Mylapore Children


By Eesha M.Sambasivan

When you have tears in your eyes, who will come and sit by your side?
Your Best Friend.
When someone has hurt you and it wasn’t fair, who will be hugging you, patting your hair?
Your Best Friend.
When you’re all alone, who will take you home?
Your Best Friend.
Who is the one who you can laugh with anyday?
Who is the one that you’ll have fun with when you play?
Who is the one you’ll gladly run to?
Who is above all for you?
Who is the one who is special to you and you know your friendship will never end?
Your Best Friend.
Eesha M.Sambasivan is in 6th Grade at Sishya School, Adyar and resides in R. A. Puram.

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