Creative Work of Mylapore Children


By Varsha Karthik

At the brink of dawn, the world is eerily quiet.
The sky is dim and the roads are fast asleep.
The trees do not sway and their voices are not heard.
As the moon is bright and dazzling, the birds are yet to sing.
The world is hazy and dark.

A mellifluous chorus is heard, which sang melodies that cascaded into the unknown.
Like a gentle, flowing stream, dawn floats across the fingertips of the sky,
a mere gradient turning into a beautiful blue.
The sky continued to paint itself, its colours now bleeding through the clouds,
a calling to the start of a new page.

Car engines revved, hustling through the streets.
People walked about, minding their business, and yet chattering in regard to the latest news.
The shops were lit and welcoming to its abundant crowds.
The world is awake and alive.

The chorus came to a finale, with it, the paints too.
It dwindled through the sky, arcane in its nature, bewitching the minds of those who were keen.
As it came to its graceful end, the trees seemed to bow in respect.
In its essence, the sky had painted itself a masterpiece.

Varsha Karthik is a Grade X student of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam