Construction company violates rules, poses problems to colony in Mandaveli, say residents

Contractors working on a large residential project that is coming up in the plot where Nava Suja eyecare centre once stood – on Venkatakrishna Road in Mandaveli seem to have bene violating all rules that govern such work and causing a nuisance to residents of the area.
The project is said to be promoted by Appaswamy Real Estates, a big player in the construction business.
Further, the senior staff here seem to have challenged the residents who complained, saying that work would go on the way they have planned.
That meant, as residents complain, working at off hours and disturbing the sleep of people after 8 p.m.
Said one resident preferring anonymity, “We are not against the construction project but only about their loud working during the odd hours. People like us have been spending sleepless nights due to their inconsiderate operations. “
Residents said the work goes on throughout the night with JCB and bulldozers deployed to load debris to lorries. “Whenever someone requests them, they tell us that it is the last day but the activity has been going on for more than two weeks now and we are spending most of the nights sleepless,” said another resident.
Residents said that the local police come by when a complaint is registered but the work stops for some 30 minutes and resumes once the police leave the place.
Mylapore Times raised the issue to Appaswamy over its Facebook page on Saturday morning after calls to its main phones were not answered. Residents said that work was not carried out on Saturday night but are watching the future course of action here.

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