Handful of devotees have darshan of Kapaleeswarar pradosham

The Mada Streets had a forlorn look on the first evening of the stringent lockdown that came into effect today (Monday). At the Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple, the authorities not only had both the raja gopurams open but also unlocked fully the small gate at the west end.
A handful of devotees had a quiet darshan of Kapaleeswarar as he made his way around the temple
just after 5.30pm with a few of them raising their hands high above their head invoking the blessings of the Lord.
Of course, the deepa aaradhanai and the sacred verses of Othuvar Sathgurunathan continue to be missed but some of the devotees who were present this evening said they were grateful for the small gate to be fully open so they  could have a front view darshan of Kapaleeswarar though only for just a few seconds.
By S. Prabhu

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