Creative Work of Mylapore Children


Story by Vibha Krishnakumar

She lost everything in the past week – her parents, her house, her dog, her books and everything she cared for due to the tsunami. She only had one thing left – Hope.

When she was abused and mistreated in the orphanage, deprived of food, water and other basic needs, she still had only one thing left with her – Hope.

When she was made fun of because she walked on the roads wearing a torn dress and damaged shoes, when she was mocked for her calloused and burnt hands, when she was ridiculed for her talks on freedom, she still had one thing in her heart – Hope.

When she was given admission in a school a few grades below her actual age, when her classmates poked fun at her for her shabby looks, she still clung on to one thing – Hope.

When she was promoted three grades in one shot for her exemplary work, she held on to her most precious possession – Hope.

When she graduated with flying colours and yet was thrown out of the orphanage for talking against a Nun, she attached herself to the mantra of her life – Hope.

When she received a scholarship to pursue science she so loved, she adhered herself to her treasure – Hope.

When she was declared an inspiration for all, ten years later, she still clasped to one thing that had sustained her so far – Hope.

When a group of people misused her inventions and destroyed a town, she still clung on to it as if it were her life – Hope.

Hope is being able to see light despite the darkness around.

Hope is when you are not affected by what people do to you and you raise your head high above all of it.

Hope is when you take everything in the best possible way.

Hope is when you believe in yourself.


Vibha is mastering Carnatic music as a vocal and violin student, is a passionate writer and an aspiring scientist