Mylapore Times Trust starts second reach-out: refreshment for one big group of Covid care workers

Mylapore Times Charitable Trust (MTCT) is now into its second reach-out effort this season – this time to make a small gesture to one group of Covid Care workers contracted by the city civic body. Refreshments.

These work in the area on the fringes of R. A. Puram, Greenways Road and in Srinivasapuram on the seaside.

Some 110 plus workers, mostly in the 20 to 35 years age group make this group, mostly people who value the money that is promised for their work which includes keeping an eye on people falling ill, testing, reporting cases, taking people to test centres and keeping tab on home quarantined people and promoting the vaccine.

These people report to work at 7 a.m. at a local park and most begin work are on an empty stomach. So, MTCT is arranging a cup of milk to all workers of this group on alternate mornings – due to limited funds.  (the civic body does not provide tea/tiffin).  Each day’s bill is about Rs.700.

If you want to be part of this reach out, you are welcome to donate.

Details  of the bank account given below ( when you make a donation please also mail us a note at
Indian Bank, Abiramapuram, Chennai, India.
Account No.: 420948275
IFSC Code ; IDIB000A092

One Comment on “Mylapore Times Trust starts second reach-out: refreshment for one big group of Covid care workers”

  1. Only milk?? Cow milk? That’s very sad!! its very harmful,right!!

    Why not plenty of fruit juice? its safe and cooling as well. Like mango juice, pomegranate jice, melon juice.

    I want to donate but not for milk or milk based harmful and poisonous stuff.

    Give them something to eat ,like idlis, pongal, etc….. Not carrion based meals.

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