Creative Work of Mylapore Children


by Vishal DBS

The year 3024 didn’t turn out to be the golden age that humans
expected. The Blue World tuned into a barren land frozen with
snow. Withered crops were scattered across the frozen solid
“Mom, what is a flower?”, a girl asked as she kicked the snow in
front of her. Her mother glanced at her.
“A flower?”, she questioned.
Her mother remained silent diving into an ocean of thoughts.
Her child nudged her bringing her back to her consciousness.
“A flower is a beautiful part of the plant which gives birth to
fruits. It used to be a decorative item in the golden days.”
“Is it available on Earth or…?”
The reply given by her mother left her to think. As she turned
her head to the right, she found something. It was red. She ran
towards it and touched it.
“What is that you’ve found?”
“A Plastic Flower”
Vishal is a 12th grade student of SSKHSS, Mylapore. He is a novelist and a Java programmer.