Popular little food joints are abuzz late evenings; effect of lockdown

New regulations of the shutdown  are impacting lives of people, and some are making these changes swiftly.
People who cannot do without their cut of coffee or tea from their favourite nook realise that all food joints open for take away business at 6 p.m.
So in Mylapore, at some food joints, some dozen people were seen lining up popular joints minutes before six.
On Friday,  the popular Kalathi food joint at the junction of East and South Mada Street ( near the famed Kalathi Rosemilk shop) was doing brisk business shortly after 6.30pm .
While all the shops were closed in the area, the young and the elderly queued up with their masks on to take parcels of Ghee ‘Dosai Roast, the popular item here, for their dinner.
– By S. Prabhu

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