Ration shops prepare to hand over cash aid to card holders

Ration shops staff have had a busy few hours today as they prepare to issue Covid aid promised by the new state government after observing the Ramzan holiday.

They have made markings outside the shops to regulate people.

People had earlier been given tokens and asked to collect the cash only on a specific date; this to handle small groups daily and maintain social distance.

Though staff went door to door in Mylapore’s small lanes to do this job, one resident said that in his colony, people crowded around the staffer anxious to get the tokens. There was little he could do – another example of how people do not restrain themselves now.

Mylapore’s new MLA has promised help to people above 80 years who cannot move out to get the dole. Read – https://www.mylaporetimes.com/2021/05/mla-to-arrange-social-support-for-seniors-and-arrange-covid-aid-cash-for-very-elderly/

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One Comment on “Ration shops prepare to hand over cash aid to card holders”

  1. Its better if government brings the free doles to an end.

    Its not healthy for working active, progressive and creative work life!!

    Everyone does not have to be dependent on what they did not earn.

    When so many without ration cards benefit nothing and simply do not mind as well.

    But some people get votes, others good readership and so the evil thrives. Like TASMAC.

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