Despite rains, this temple tank remains dry

This photo tells you the story – the present state of the tank of Sri Virupakseeswarar Temple in Mylapore.

The recent rains have allowed for water to flow into the tank but the bed dries up inside an hour after the rainfall stops.

And why does this happen?

Simple – though the groundwater increases slowly, the dozens and dozens of water pumps fed. by bore-wells in residences of this area are all pumping up all that water for domestic use.

It may be recalled that a set of pipes were erected in and around the temple tank to channel all the rainwater that falls in this campus, in the hope this would increase the water level appreciably.

But it is obvious, the all-round private extraction is not helping in the retention of water in this temple tank.

One Comment on “Despite rains, this temple tank remains dry”

  1. When tanks were built centuries back they provided inlets. These were blocked subsequently due to construction of buildings and also installation of deep bore well. Many of us have seen tanks in mylapore always brimming with water, till early 60s. There was an inlet on the south western corner of Kapaleeswaran tank and it used to bring rain water from far of places including PSHigh School grounds. Another inlet, I remember, was in north east corner. Many people were using the tank for washing and bathing. There were no railing, locked gates. There were numerous entrances on all four sides. It is ironic to see that how we have all safe guards when no water. Authorities should explore old inlets and see what block them. And rain water drains should be attacked to tanks, and not to sea. Hope see water in tanks atleast during coming winter.

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