Have a garden and need manure? Buy it from GCC units in our backyard

If you have a lovely garden and need some good manure, you may want to buy the stuff that the local area Chennai Corporation units are producing in our backyards.

Guided by a GCC staff, contract workers treat the wet waste that Urbaser Sumeet staff supply on a daily basis.  While one set of waste gets turned into manure in three weeks, another set of finely-chopped vegetable waste takes over 45 days for the same.

Packets of manure here are sold at Rs.20 per kilo.

Just now, after the pandemic time lockdown, three units of GCC has restarted converting waste and selling the manure.

These are the units on Sringeri Mutt Road ( alongside the MRTS rail station), under the MRTS elevation along the Canal off Kutchery Road and one near the cremation / graveyard behind the TN DGP’s Office and local Fire Station off Dr R. K. Salai.

GCC staff say that though they get a daily supply of wet waste, it appears that not many residents still segregate waste well in the door-to-door collection by the private agency.  However, since what Urbaser turns over to these units is only kitchen waste and vegetable leftovers big stores pass on, they can easily process it.

One unit which used to function in the GCC campus off C P Ramaswamy Road has been shut down for now.

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