Govt. plans to take over Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal Temple. Trustee to go to court

In a sudden development on Friday, the TN government has said that it is taking over Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal Temple in Mylapore from August 13, 2021 and that it would appoint its own thakkar.
Talking to the Mylapore Times on Saturday morning, N C Sridhar, who has been a trustee of the temple for several years and been organising the utsavams round the year said that “this is an arbitrary and unjustified decision” and that he would fight this out in the court.
T R Ramesh, president, Temple Worshippers Society and an activist who has been fighting the wrongs of the HR & CE said that  he would work closely with Sridhar to prevent this hostile takeover.
According to him, the Adhi Kesava Perumal Temple as per scheme CS 593 of 1922 and subsequently modified on 26th August 1954 by a bench of the Madras High Court has been declared as a denomination temple.  Hence the rules and laws relating to a denominational temple will have to be followed and that the HR & CE has no right to take over the temple in this hostile and arbitrary manner.
“This ancient temple which is also the avathara sthalam of Vaishnavite saint poet Pey Azhvaar belongs to Thenkalai Vaishnava sampradaya coming under a scheme of administration framed by the  Madras High Court which had earlier refused the plea of the HRCE to take over the temple saying it is a denomination temple. Therefore there can be no question of a state takeover of this temple.”
Said Ramesh, “Even if any mismanagement has been alleged, and trustees are sought to be replaced, the HR & CE has to give a show-cause notice for the current management to explain their side. And even in that case, the management can be replaced only with Thenkalai Vaishnava sampradaya and not by a secular government official.”
Ramesh says he will file a PIL ‘to stop the despicable practice of HR & CE in appointing its servants as a fit person. ‘
Report by S. Prabhu
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  1. What business does an atheist government have any business dealing with temples. First take over all the churches, mosques and other places of worship. Then free up all the temples from the clutches of HR&CE. People should boil over and protest this illegal and unwarranted action.

  2. How dare the arbitrary HR&CE Dept of the atheist DMK Govt. order the take-over of the Adhi Kesava Perumal Temple which is run by a Private Trust? We all know how corrupt and un-Hindu the HR& CE is! The people of that locality must protest against this blatant interference!

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