Sri Kapali Temple to remain open on Friday and this weekend

Earlier this month, Tamil Nadu Government, as part of the lockdown restrictions, had directed
the closure of temples in the state on Fridays and the weekends for a period of three weeks.
D. Kaveri, EO, Sri  Kapaleeswarar Temple told Mylapore Times on Tuesday that
the temple will now be open all seven days from this week.
She confirmed that the temple will be open to devotees this Friday ( Aug 27) as well as this weekend.
Also, she said that she is looking into the possibility of allowing devotees inside the sannidhi and that a decision  will be taken soon.
It may be recalled that devotees have not been allowed inside the Swami and Ambal sannidhis for a major part of the past 15months due to pandemic time regulations.
– By S. Prabhu

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