Will P. S. School playground be rented to TNCA for weekend league matches?

The managers of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple would be interested in handing out the P S School playground to the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association on rent for the weekend lower division cricket matches.
Temple’s executive officer D. Kaveri told Mylapore Times that TNCA has not formally approached them yet but if they do, the temple will consider handing the ground to them for weekend matches  through the year at a fair rent.
The new season of the TNCA league matches has just begun last weekend and this thought of the Kapali Temple means that a big ground will be available to the TNCA for the entire 2021-22 season. Availability of an additional ground could mean a timely completion of the lower division league matches.
It may be recalled that  Mylapore Times reported on the temple taking possession of the P S School ground earlier this month
As per the High Court order, the ground is to be provided to financially challenged students for them to play sports.
Kaveri said that they would also explore games other than cricket to be played at the PS School ground.
Report by S. Prabhu
File photo shot at the ground used here
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