Kanda Shasti utsavam begins at Sri Kapali Temple

One of the most important utsavams of the year – the annual maha Kanda Shasti utsavam- began
on Friday (Nov 5) at the Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple with the hoisting of the flag followed by a procession in the morning.
The day was marked by Abhisekam for Singaravelar and a procession inside the temple in the evening following  Yaaga Salai Pooja.
The utsavam will culminate with the popular Soora Samharam event next Wednesday ( Nov 10)
and Thiru Kalyanam on Thursday( Nov 11).
Typically this festival would have seen Lord Singaravelar in grand street processions, but given the  current restrictions all the processions during this utsavam will take place inside the temple complex.
– Report by S Prabhu

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