Left-over wedding meals: how to donate it at night?

The rain and the cyclone does not discourage people from postponing a wedding or a social event.

But on two nights last week , the hosts of functions held at the Chennai Corporation community hall on Luz Avenue, alongside Nageswara Rao Park found that a large amount of food prepared for guests was left over. Obviously, the rain kept off some guests.

So the hosts tried to call up people up to get help in distributing the food to the needy and poor. Workers at the park called their boss but at the late hour of 11 p.m. though she relayed the message she said she couldn’t get any NGOs connected. By then, somehow the food got distributed locally.

A lot of food gets left over at weddings and social events, more so when the weather plays truant and guests skip the function. Some voluntary bodies have tied up with wedding planners and halls to collect such food and get it distributed quickly to the local needy.

If there is a NGO / group that undertakes such acts locally, do mail info to this newspaper – mytimesedit@gmail.com

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