No sign of stagnanting water on San Thome High Road

From Adyar Poonga to Gandhi statue and up north, San Thome High Road and Kamarajar Salai ( beach road) on Friday evening would have made today’s visitor wonder if it has really rained hard, a fact.

Save for some spots where puddles remained, San Thome High Road which always floods even after a steady rain was fairly dry.

Yes, the long drawn new drains and pavement project is still on; workers were seen setting tiles in at the Pattinapakkam junction. And the work on the road’s eastern side is in a shambles now.

But floodwater was not seen on this busy road that judges and ministers use to go to work in north Chennai.

Residents on Madha Church Road said that water filled up on the main road when rain was steady but cleared later.

  • This is is file photo, of work near Adyar Poonga shot in Oct. 2021

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