Parrots crowd every day on this terrace at feeding time

Parrots are now a small community who mark attendance on the terrace of a Mandaveli residence twice a day.

And with them, fly in pigeons too.

This is because resident Vijayalakshmi Sivakumar feeds them everyday on her terrace. “I serve them boiled rice I get at the ration shop that is soaked in water,” says Vijayalakshmi.

And they fly in at the appointed time – around 6 a.m. and after 4 p.m. And when it rains, these parrots take refuge in the neighbouring tree.

Vijayalakshmi loves animals and birds. For years, she has been caring for street dogs in her area.

She has a busy daily life, known as she is for her micro craftwork using beads, which are booked and sold here and abroad.

  • Visuals by Vijayalakshmi

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