Tribute: Priya Kishore, radio-TV host, cultural events organiser and speaker

Multi-facted personality Priya Kishore passed away on Monday night. January 10.

She was a resident of R. A. Puram and had lived all her life in the Mylapore zone. She was the daughter of well-known theatre and arts personality late Raadhu.

Priya took off from her father’s interests, organising a variety of cultural events, curating them in her own signature style and hosting community events which focussed on women.

But her early days were with radio, anchoring a programme on AIR FM radio and later, when AIR sold its time to private producers, piloting her company’s productions for radio.

Priya Vision, the family’s entertainment company then hosted shows on Doordarshan and Priya was in the middle of TV production too.

She also launched a Thamizh magazine for women, Priyamana Thozhi, and hosted special events for them.

She also gave motivational talks and religious discourses. Mylaporeans recall her discourses given at Saibaba Temple in Mylapore.

“She was so hyperactive that her enthusiasm rubbed of on people who worked with her,” said a senior member of a women’s body based in Valasarawakkam. “Hers was a strong voice.”

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3 Comments on “Tribute: Priya Kishore, radio-TV host, cultural events organiser and speaker”

  1. I used to wake up with her motivational words and stories listening in FM. She gives hope for the day and energy. Saddened to hear this news. Hope she continues cheering us from heaven abode.

    Rest in peace mam.

  2. Priya was my classmate in Lady’s Sivaswami school and she was my best friend. A very multitalented person. I can never forget those days when we were together. I used to accompany her to her dad’s dramas and we were together most of the time. Will be missing my bestie….

  3. Sad to see a generation leave us. Radhu was well known in those days. He was known to me in my younger ages. They were living just opposite Sai Baba Temple in Mylapore, and a frequent visitor to sai temple. In those days unlike now, temple used to be almost empty and I used to go and sit in the hall enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and seen Priya coming to temple. Our condolences

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